Articulated Arm Camera Mount – chapter 3


articulated camera arm template measurements


  1. These are the ends of the arms were the arm attaches to the ceiling mount and the at the opposite end, the camera mount. 6 pieces.
  2. These make up the elbow of the arm. 3 pieces.
  3. These are part of the shoulder joint of the arm. The flat portion of this part is attached to the ceiling mount. 4 pieces.
  4. These are the spacers for part “C” above. 3 pieces.
  5. These are arm stabilizers. I don’t really know if they help or not, but there was a hole there and I figured it might. 2 pieces.
  6. These are the tensioner mount points. 4 pieces.

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Articulated Arm Camera Mount – chapter 2

Mounting the arm to the ceiling

After testing the new hardware everything seemed to work pretty well, so I started working on the ceiling attachment pad. The part that attaches to the pad required several versions to get a fairly stable mounting area. I managed to hang it from the ceiling and get a look at where everything was going to hold steady.

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Articulated Arm Camera Mount – chapter 1

The camera needs to be in the same place you are for the best shot

A couple of weeks ago I was making a video while milling some materials, and found my camera position didn’t allow me to run the cross slide all the way from left to right. I kept ending up with my shoulder in the shot, and wasn’t able to use much of that video.

I decided I really needed to build an articulated arm to hang from the ceiling and position the camera where I’d be out of the shot.

I knew I wanted to do something along the lines of what you would see on a normal desk lamp, with the arm and two springs giving some help for positioning the light. Of course I wanted to change over to a camera and I wanted to hang from ceiling so it would be out of the way and not prone to picking up vibration from the machines. I also needed it to be large enough that it could reach several places in the garage so I didn’t have to move it every time I wanted to do a video.

I did some preliminary research by looking at my own desk lamp, drawing up some basic plans, and trying to figure out what material to make the arm out of. I didn’t want it to be incredibly heavy, but I also wanted to be rigid enough that I could reasonably depend on it to hold the camera still, and I also wanted it to hold some lighting for the videos.

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